Join us for National Bike to Work Week Part 2

Back to the bike shop after mysterious stone on Stone Road, flat tire and free service checklist


Thank you for the bike challenge, Cort.  Bike Authority, my official bicycle service provider, has told me, “You ride this bike a lot, huh?”  So they won’t be surprised when my back tire is flat, again.

It was a dusky evening and some chunk on the road flattened my back tire on Stone Road.

Yes, I do own a Trek and both Trek and Bike Authority have offered customers with a free replacement part and free service.  The part is related to the skewer pin that holds the front wheel together; in fact in photo my front wheel is off to fit in my trunk.  The skewer pin allows me to take off and put on the front wheel, securely.  However, if your Trek bike has disc brake (which mine does not), the lever could get stuck in the brake disc of you do not properly latch the pin.  See a video on the skewer and brake disc on Treks.  My skewer is pretty tight, but I’ll include everything in my free 6-year warranty.

In the 6-year warranty Bike Authority has a comprehensive checklist:  chain and chainrings, tires and tubes, wheels and brakes, shfiters, Derailleurs and cables, bearings, and grips.

I did enjoy the ride home through Cuyahoga Valley National Park and some suburbia travel, up that same Rockside Road hill.  What did Charles do?


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