Second annual 4 Miles 4 Water event first interactive zero waste event

‘I thought you’re suppose to throw out weeds’; Melt buckets make good artistic hats

By Gregory Jackson


(Photo:  Kids make buckets of art for the garden.  These buckets once carried pickles for Melt Bar & Grilled.)

When the 2nd Annual 4 Miles 4 Water event to benefit Drink Local, Drink Tap, contacted us to provide the event with zero waste for local composting, we thought about buckets.

In fact a couple years ago we donated about 20 buckets to Drink Local, Drink Tap to help them with monthly beach cleanups by using the buckets as a way to collect beach trash, to serve our zero waste customers, and donated 232 buckets in 2013 to help launch Rust Belt Riders, who ride a bike to pickup food waste.

Groundz is thankful for the ongoing bucket relationship we have with Melt Bar & Grilled, who donates about 1,000 buckets per year.  They call us “the bucket guy.”

Matt Fish, founder of Melt Bar & Grilled, was recently awarded a Small Business Association awarded, presented at the White House.

We repurpose buckets for service buckets at our customer restaurants, for carrying compost, and recently donated some to Cleveland Public School’s art project with Dancing Wheelchair Company for a Stomp-like show ( article).  “Buckets” the first number Elec Simon, former Stomp member, leads Charles A.  Mooney students of Cleveland Public Schools.  Tina Kovach, 4th/5th Grade Teacher at Charles A. Mooney and Ohio Master Teacher, thought of using buckets as drums.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Roll Out the Rhythm (Mrs. Tina Kovach YouTube video) version of the show featuring student bucket drumming rehearsal and student interviews.  Students will be performing their last show on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 10AM and 1PM.  Take a late lunch break and head out to Charles Mooney elementary school to watch this incredible bucket drumming synchronize as students have worked hard to bring these buckets to perfect rhythm.

“It’s fun and it’s a good exercise for the arms,” the students said.  “If I’m hyper or something I can take it out on the drum.”

When I spoke with Mrs. Kovach she said that none of the Melt buckets cracked as compared with the buckets they bought from Home Depot.

“I think it’s fun because we get to get out of class and do our fun, creative thing,” said another student.

Kids who attend Drink Local, Drink Tap 4 Miles 4 Water Groundz table were given free buckets to stencil and decorate for mom’s garden and also opportunity for children to garden with mom.  One mom was excited to have her son sign his name on the bucket after his artwork.  They also came out to learn about composting and how yard waste helped us compost 4 Miles 4 Water zero waste event.

Even kids were confused about composting weeds.

“I thought weeds were supposed to be thrown out,” said one of our young bucket artists at 4 Miles 4 Water event.  “But my grandma is a better painter than I am.”

We had fun promoting our customers, including our ash donations to Cleveland Institute of Art, Chesapeake Bay oyster shells from Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s Trentina restaurant, and composting a lot of bananas (with weeds).

Drink Local, Drink Tap is a nonprofit organization inspiring individuals to drink clean, local water through school education programs, monthly beach cleanups, 4 Miles 4 Water event, Annual Gala, and safe water well drilling projects throughout Africa.  Check out Drink Local, Drink Tap to donate.


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Credit must be given to our Artist in Residence, Emma Parker, of Dancing Wheels Company and School. She created our show and trained our student through a grant from VSA Ohio and Ohio Dance.

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