First time on the bike since the fall is a dance at Harness Cycle a studio in Ohio City

VeloSano team captains sweat together stay together; don’t forget to crank it ‘to the right’

By Gregory Jackson

VeloSano at Harness cycle

The same is true for us.  When you get that hunger feeling there is an excellent possibility your body is craving more nutrients that were not found in your last meal, or you are dehydrated.  Drink more local water, which we learned from Groundz participation at Cleveland Metroparks World Water Day at West Creek Watershed Stewardship center.  This year is the City of Cleveland’s Year of Clean Water.

We hosted a booth teaching everyone about compost, nutrient dense food, and relationship with clean water.  Next to us was a local water representative, sporting faucet filters like Brita and PUR.

“I didn’t think people would take your kohlrabi seeds before the eggplant,” he said.  “But, you know, I now drink city water because local water is better.

Doing all that bike riding makes you thirsty and we also prefer local water.

Drinking local saves millions of plastic bottles for ever having to be manufactured and it is cooler.  If you would like, attaching a PUR or using a Brita is not a bad idea if you have your doubts.  In fact, filtered water this way tastes smoother.  The PUR filters run you about $20 for one, $25 for two, or $32 for three.  If you buy the whole set, which includes faucet attachment and one filter, those sets cost about $25.  But consider one filter will last about three months, and this is coming from someone who fills two sippers of water per day.

Those stainless steel sippers are nice.

When we spoke with Ann, Harness Cycle owner, about Groundz workplace wellness program, she said that Cleveland area businesses are starting to consider the cycling studio as part of a healthy workplace wellness program.

“We’ve had some businesses in Ohio City who signed up with their employees here to have fun doing group spinning classes,” Ann said.  When we shared about those seeking to eat better and how obesity and those with weight loss goals are really battling depression, learning disabilities, and mental health, she agreed.

Groundz is the official nutrition partner for VeloSano and our next social outing we are planning on having team captains volunteer at Cleveland Crops urban farm to help prepare beds.

We continued to share how participating at urban farms as volunteers to help clear beds, mix compost, grow local food, and mentor youth and disabilities could be a medicine for belonging and making a difference; it is not so much the person has an eating issue, but more the feeling they have in lacking significance or importance.

“I agree that these things can affect a person’s ability to eat healthy and be active,” said Ann.  “But what was really fun was on St. Patrick’s Day I wore a kilt and did an Irish dance during our spinning class.”

We found our next level without missing a beat, but by cranking resistance “just one more time to the right,” which progressively added more residence, but match intensity.

Harness Cycle is a fun way to incorporate dance, rhythm, beat, and cycling all into one, including an Irish dance and ride for cancer research fundraising with VeloSano.


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