VeloSano and Groundz to work together on cancer research funding and wellness

‘Where the wheel meets the road’; a cure to gain grounds

By Gregory Jackson


Registration now open!  Ride with us July 17-19, 2015 as VeloSano enters the second annual Cleveland Clinic bicycle event to raise funds for cancer research.  Last year 800 cyclists raised $1.95 million toward cancer research after riding 49,000 miles beginning at Saint Clair Avenue in front of the Global Center for Health Innovation.

“Teamwork makes the dream work.  Are you and your friends at different riding levels?  In 2015, there’s a ride for everyone.  Find the perfect ride for you.”  Posted on VeloSano Facebook on January 29, 2015. Available rides include a one-day from 12 to 100 miles or two-day 179 or 207 miles, including overnight accommodation.  The Clinic requires riders to commit to a minimum fundraising goal of $500 and $2,000 depending on length.

Groundz has partnered with VeloSano to help reduce heart disease and certain cancers based on diet.  From vitamin/nutrient A to zinc, foods naturally contain these beneficial ingredients to a healthy body and each vitamin/nutrient has its benefit; there are many diet-related illnesses like heart disease and certain cancers where their risk can be reduced based on the body’s intake of these certain vitamins and minerals. Celebrity chef Dan Barber has observed that nutrient rich foods are not only good for us, but also taste better.  Every plant starts from an organic seed and grows from the soil; compost feeds the soil a diverse ecosystem of microorganisms and crop health for growing nutrient dense foods.

Chef Douglas Katz (one of Groundz customers), executive chef at Cleveland Art museum and owner of fire food & drink noted that in nature apples in an orchard fall and breakdown, feeding apples trees organic nutrients for next year’s apple.  Chef Katz names his menu items featuring a local food and creates an educational opportunity for his staff and customers.  We observed that repurposed pineapple waste from fire food & drink have fed butterflies:  While at Cleveland Crops’ Heritage Farm we saw a butterfly sipping pineapple juice from an upside pineapple in our compost pile.

Join or donate Team Groundz as we ride for our friends at VeloSano to help them raise 100% funds toward cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.  We asked Chef Douglas Katz, executive chef at Cleveland Art Museum and owner of fire food & drink, to cook at the event.  If you donate to our team we will donate organic and non-gmo seed packets to urban farmers.  If you join our team you will get organic seed for your own garden.



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