Rising Star Coffee Roaster, Little Italy zero coffee waste

Known as Theresa’s Restaurant for generations and vacant since the 1990’s; new coffee shop coffee grounds recycling calls for new approach to coffee grounds recycling

By Gregory Jackson

Rising Star Little Italy

CLEVELAND, LITTLE ITALY This week we picked up our first coffee grounds load at Rising Star Coffee, in Cleveland, Ohio’s Little Italy. At the intersection of 2187 Murray Hill and Cornell Road, where Theresa’s Restaurant had been known to generations, had since left the space vacant since the 1990’s.

Rising Star Coffee in Cleveland’s Little Italy is so new that Google maps do not even list it yet; Google only knows about Rising Star Coffee’s Ohio City location at 1455 West 29th Street. Groundz has already recycled 158 pounds or 25 gallons of coffee waste for local composting.

We love the coffee waste assortment. It includes coffee grounds, fine espresso waste, tea leaves. and whole coffee bean. We especially like the bean because it will break down more slowly adding not only a slow release of beneficial organic fertilizer, but also compost structure (read more about the benefits of composting shells).

Rising Star Coffee is locally known for sustainably sourcing their coffee beans and roasting them in small batch and packaged quickly.

We look forward to continuing their story by making all their cafes zero organic waste and Cleveland’s first closed-loop local food model. We are experimenting with a new opportunity with Groundz members. For us to gauge interest, feel free to drop by Rising Star Coffee in Little Italy and ask about their coffee ground recycling; we will give you a free bucket filled with coffee grounds for your garden. Save your bucket, bring it back clean, so Rising Star can fill it again. Over time we will learn how to create customer loyalty programs around your 5-gallon bucket pickups. Keep the bucket as our gift, but return with the same clean bucket if you decide to come back for more coffee grounds so we can continue zero waste and maintain clean standards. We will keep you posted.

Brief overview of composting coffee grounds:

Once you bring your bucket home, mix coffee grounds with leaves or your yard waste for backyard composting. If you add more coffee grounds your pile will “reset” to breakdown down. We make our compost in batches. So we recommend filling your compost pile about 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 4 feet long. Once this space is filled, allow it to “rest” = do not add any new material for about 3 months. In the meantime, you could start a 2nd 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 4 feet long compost pile; we call that your “active” pile. After 3 months add compost to enrich your vegetable garden and beds. Do not worry if your compost is not sifted perfectly; in fact imperfect compost texture is best because the rough material not completely broken down (like a coffee bean or piece of straw), will create soil structure for your garden. Grow local food and bring some into Rising Star Coffee staff, it will be a nice treat. Repeat cycle.


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