1999 Ford Taurus hauls 71,866 pounds of organic waste recycling the past 2 years to start a new nonprofit

Rusting and new head gasket puts Groundz nonprofit organization at risk; antifreeze mixing into engine parts trip O2 sensor runs on its last leg, Ford F350 Super Duty Wish List

By Gregory Jackson


On December 9, 2012 I walked into Starbucks, Brecksville, Ohio to pickup my first load of coffee grounds from their Free Groundz for your Garden, initiative.  For 15 months after that, this car recycled 31,311 pounds of coffee grounds for Dunkin Donuts in Parma Heights.  Little did I know how that simple pickup at Starbucks would lead me to find Groundz, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to recycling food and organic waste for local food at urban farms, edible education, and wellness.

That car is my 1999 Ford Taurus.  You had a good run.  I used my Trek 7.1 bicycle this year for meetings accumulating about 3,000 miles, including the month of December with light snowing.

It hauled 71,866 pounds of organic waste recycling for making and donating local compost at urban farms.  Some of the compost will soon be available for sale for Good Nature Lawn Care customers.  In fact, today I made a run with her to pickup fire food & drink, restaurant at Shaker Square owned by celebrity Chef Doug Katz, who is also executive chef at Cleveland Art Museum.  The load, 188 pounds of food scraps, was delivered to Heritage Farms of Cleveland Crops.  Cleveland Crops is a disabilities employment program of Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Yesterday the Ford Taurus picked up 87 pounds of food scraps for Merwin’s Wharf, Cleveland Metroparks first full service restaurant.  With yesterday’s recycled food waste, clears 2 tons (4,004 pounds), which will be used to grow market garden local food for the restaurant next season and locally grown food for Cleveland’s homeless.

Wharf waste is delivered weekly to Willow Community Gardens of Forward Church, who has a thriving food hunger ministries to help feed Cleveland’s hungry living in the historic Broadway District, and known food desert.  One morning Cleveland Food Bank donated 280 pounds of radishes for Forward Church food drive.  On our trip to recycle Amish sawdust for a private resident, I delivered the radishes and sawdust to Cleveland Crops’ Stearns Farm, our first suburban farm.  Sawdust was used to help build vital compost materials, while the radishes were re-donated through Cleveland Crops’, who donated them to St. Augustine Hunger Center on West 14th Street, Tremont.  Willow Community Garden recently applied and filled out the application to become a participant in Cuyahoga County’s Jobs and Family Services EBT food stamp benefit program for those individuals who are unemployed or underemployed – if they volunteer at this new worksite – then they can receive up to $200 per month extra toward their EBT credit.

Groundz has also connected with Growhio’s aggregator local food initiative to help bring together 132+ urban farms and community gardens around Northeast Ohio, to provide more local food for school children, local markets for grocery stores, restaurants, and hospitals.  On our concierge hauling, Groundz is planned to help connect waste to local organic food purchases by assisting in the local hauling of food grown from locally produced compost – directly from recycled organic materials – and healthy food.

We wish our 1999 Ford Taurus a fondfarewell, but as you may know starting a nonprofit organization has limited startup funds.  While we have enjoyed serving our customers and will continue to serve our customers, we have reached a time in our operational capacities to shop around for a truck.  Groundz would like to add a Ford F350 Super Duty to our wishlist.

Why the Ford F350 Super Duty?

Ford F350 Super Duty can run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).  While there are a couple of Clean Fuel stations (dispensing CNG) throughout Cleveland, Ohio, one being near Hopkins Airport on Snow Road and the other being on East 55th Street just north of Chester Avenue, we have our sights set on fueling with CNG produced  from organic waste recycling.

Electricity, CNG, and natural Class A fertilizer is produced through the process of anaerobic digestion.  quasar energy group of Cleveland, Ohio recycles tons of organic waste per day through Cleveland and the region.  Aligning with Groundz mission of zero waste we think it is a good fit to run our new vehicle on CNG made from organic waste recycling, and will fill up at a quasar energy group facility with CNG pumps, or Clean Fueling stations around Cleveland, Ohio.

Our lawyer is cleaning up our 501(c)3 filing paperwork and will have tax exemption status for anyone wishing to donate for year end contribution.  Money collected may also be used to invest in urban farm and market garden infrastructure like sheds for storing buckets, locks to lower theft at farms, internship opportunities, and other organic waste recycling initiatives for organic gardening, local food, edible education, and wellness.  If you are interested in giving, click Donate at our Groundz website and/or privately message me at gregjackson03@gmail.com if you need to receive tax exemption benefits or would like to donate by check.

Satin chrome Super Duty Platinum


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