280 pounds of radishes, Forward Church morning food drive

Smashed stuffed pumpkin makes a nice compost arrangement; 120 pounds of radish compost

By Gregory Jackson


(Photo:  120 pounds of radishes, assortment of salad, and smashed stuffed pumpkin with tomato and tomato juice, a post-Halloween treat for our compost at Willow Community Garden).

Forward Church food sustainable food drive ministries, how we re-donate and zero waste Cleveland Food Bank food donations

While composting Merwin’s Wharf food trimmings, Forward Church, who works with Willow Community Garden for market gardening and local food, had a food drive with 280 pounds of donated radishes from Cleveland Food Bank.

Forty pounds of radishes was given to our Willow Community grower/farmer Mrs. Salonica Payne, 120 pounds went into our compost, and 120 pounds was delivered to Cleveland Crops newest (and first) suburban farm, Stearns Farm in Parma, Ohio. We made the trip to Stearns Farm for our avid woodworker who travels to Amish Country’s Jonas Byler’s wood. Thus far we have recycled 617 pounds of Amish sawdust, or nearly 1.5 cubic yards.

As I set the three, 40-pound radish sacks (J.A.G. Radishes of Sherrington, Quebec Canada) onto the Cleveland Crops trailer, along with 90 pounds of Amish Sawdust, and a food waste recycling sampler from Merwin’s Wharf (70 pounds), one of our Cleveland Crops farmers said, “Hey, this shouldn’t be compost, it’s still good food.” He was referring to our radishes.

“Oh, you can still use these?” I responded.


The farmer and I carried the 120 pounds of radishes to the refrigerated container, with the other local foods donation for St. Augustine Church and Hunger Center on West 14th Street.

One of the benefits of us being at our farm sites every week is the opportunity to not only provide our locations with organic waste recycling services, but also food waste reduction quite edible for the hunger ministries.


(Photo:  How a Groundz smashed stuffed pumpkin with tomato compost arrangement looks like, a post-Halloween ‘treat’).


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