Maggie’s Farm in Historic Lorain Avenue District now accepting Culinary Arts food trimmings

‘Composting to help raise awareness for students to ask the questions,’ Cuyahoga Community College sustainable steps

By Gregory Jackson

tri-c- culinary-studio

(Photo: Cuyahoga Community College Culinary Studio where students learn about Hospitality Management:  Culinary Arts.)

Maggie’s Farm, located in Cleveland’s Stockyards, is a Groundz compost and food waste recycling farm, which has three sites.  One site, located at West 58th Street and Lorain, in Cleveland, Ohio’s Historic Lorain Avenue District, just minutes from Public Square, began recycling Cuyahoga Community College’s (Tri-C) Culinary Studio’s food trimmings.

Tri-C’s culinary program, which follows the American Culinary Federation guidelines, teaches students about culinary concentration (hands on experience with ingredients), kitchen management, and academics.

By composting the culinary studio (and soon Tri-C cafe) food waste, provides another dimension of cooking:  As students learn about recycling food waste from the kitchen they will be equipped to ask food waste management questions at their future places of employment, as an operational strength, locally organic ingredients, and sustainable agriculture by strengthening relationships between farmer and chef.


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