A Beginnings of co-founders, Slow Food

Groundz in early conversations with Case Slow Food founder as new business partner; making compost is slow food

By Gregory Jackson


(Photo: With Alex Razavi (middle), founder of Case Western Reserve University’s SlowFood and Katie, SlowFood student at Cleveland Crops Heritage Farm composting site).

This week I met with Alex Razavi, founder of Case Western Reserve University’sSlowFood chapter, along with Katie, SlowFood student, and Mary Holmes, co-founder of North Union Farmers Market and Case Western SAGE Fellow.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we can turn this into a capstone course?” said Ms. Holmes.

Kyle Mitchell, Cleveland Crops job coach and farmer at Heritage Farm showed the difference between crops grown with compost and those without. The abrupt change in growth in the crop resulted where the Cleveland Crops farmers ran out of compost.

Mr. Razavi and I have spoken about him becoming Groundz new co-founder. He said it is something he is interested in. Mr. Razavi’s passion for food for nutrition and health is what makes Groundz especially interested in moving the non-profit organization forward after one of the organization’s founders has turned a corner.

“It’s confusing for a shopper to go grocery shopping with all the food labels these days,” said Mr. Razavi. “Is organic better than local?” In Groundz mission of food provenance, we are learning that composting with chefs and other food waste producers increases transparency of the food growing process.

We look forward to growing our relationship among co-founders.


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