Welcome to Willow Community Garden of Forward Church

Cleveland’s first garden to grow food for homeless, homeless to grow food for homeless


(Willow Community Garden is a Re-Imagining Cleveland garden.  “Respect the Garden.”)

This week ground was cleared and the debris was removed for Groundz newest compost partner:  Willow Community Garden near the Historic Broadway district.  Missionaries from West Colonial Hills Baptist Church and volunteers from Forward Church did weeding, grass cutting, and debris removal.

Eloise, a community gardener at Willow would keep her garden site neat and well kept, she was a bus driver for Hawken schools.  When Eloise passed away her students from Hawken rallied together:  They attended school board meetings to learn how they may honor her.

After the school board saw the impact Eloise had on her students, the school donated $800 allowing Willow to purchase a weed whacker and tiller.

We are excited to carry on Eloise’s legacy for community impact on two exciting initiatives at Willow Community Garden.

First, volunteers will be growing food for Care on the Square (COTS) a food ministry founded in 2004 that has served thousands of meals to Cleveland’s homeless.  Food grown here will be donated for COTS.  Secondly, Forward Church and Groundz are learning how to create an opportunity for homeless to grow food for homeless:  Volunteers from area Churches may volunteer alongside the homeless.


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