McGregor Home Recycles hundreds of pounds of food waste per week

Davey Tree wood waste for proper recycling, help lower algae blooms in Lake Erie

By Gregory Jackson


(Eutrophication results from excess fertilizers from running off land into waterways, causing nitrogen, phosphorous, and other nutrients to feed algae in Lake Erie. Photograph by Peter Essick for National Geographic, 2011).

About a year ago, Groundz setup an active compost area at McGregor Home, a distinguished nursing care facility, for recycling area cafes, shops, and restaurants.

We have resumed food waste recycling services at McGregor Home, creating a bountiful supply of compost for their horticulture therapy, community gardens, and orchards.  We make compost from food waste by having the opportunity to work with Davey Tree, who donates their wood waste.  Groundz recycles 30 cubic feet of Davey Tree waste every week, to serve one celebrity chef in the area.

I have met with area landscapers regarding some percentage of the compost to benefit organic landscaping, compost not used for horticulture therapy, community gardening, or double composting. One potential customer serves downtown Cleveland, responsible for making urban Cleveland areas well kept, attracting downtown businesses and residents.

This landscaper believes that their application of MiracleGro 25 has caused massive algae blooms in Lake Erie.  The reason they spray is because downtown soils are not deep enough to grow plants without some growth application, since most of downtown and shoreline soils used to be a wetland area/marsh near the lake.  From Groundz compost, landscaping applications will soon be able to build up the organic matter of Downtown Cleveland soils, growing plants without spray, to help lower algae blooms in Lake Erie.

We further plan to assist McGregor Home in farm-to-fork events with area chefs, edible education, horticulture, and wellness for health and healing.  For instance, Groundz is part of Cleveland Promise Neighborhood with Cleveland Metropolitan School District for edible education, horticulture as a therapy for healing, and other sustainability events to help build zero organic waste recycling infrastructure and its applications.


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