Horticultural Therapy from Recycled Food Waste

Compost intervention grows food and flowers


In the McGregor greenhouse, decorated boxes painted by residents are used for apiary.

McGregor Home, offers residents with nursing care.  They help residents grow flowers and food crops like tomatoes and herbs.  Residents paint and help decorate boxes for beehives to make honey.  Often volunteers assist nursing staff with weeding, apiary, herbs, greenhouse, community garden, and an orchard from an Edy’s grant.

About a year ago, Groundz broke ground on a new composting site at McGregor.  We are now revisiting this site to help serve eastside restaurants, cafes, and stores within 3 miles, to localize hauling of food waste recycling services.

Horticultural therapy is an intervention healing method that uses flower and plant sensory to stimulate memory and health.  For example, an Alzheimer’s resident in horticulture therapy may assist the resident in planting a favorite flower.  In the act of planting and combination of seeing and smelling the flower, may trigger memory.  For a moment, a resident may remember essential details about their life.

Food waste recycling will turn into compost and be used for horticulture therapy.

We look forward to working with McGregor on horticulture therapy initiatives, organic compost will help them maintain and expand growing possibilities.  Come out to The Gardens of McGregor Tour and Tea on Saturday, July 19, 2014.


About McGregor

McGregor was founded in 1877, to provide seniors with assisted living, short term rehabilitation, long term care, and hospice.  Located on 32 acres of gardens, courtyards, and views of Lake Erie they provide the atmosphere of rest and healing.  Skilled staff services assure residential wellness.


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