From Farm to Fork, Kitchen to Farm

fire food kitchen scraps go full circle, feed Robins

fire food and drink

Provenance, to know where food comes from is a hallmark of fire food & drink.  Groundz is the “ground zero” of organic waste, where it goes for local hauling.  To properly recycle fire food’s kitchen waste a non-food organic waste is required.  Groundz receives non-food waste (like leaves, Amish sawdust, previous compost, soil, and farm yard waste) and mixes it with food waste.  Compost is then used to grow organic food and landscapes.

The mix is then ideal for the breakdown of compost, worms feed Robins right on the active compost pile.  If you compost at home, chances are your compost bin is “slimy.”  All you need to do is add some yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, even soil).

Food waste from fire will be delivered to Maggie’s Farm, Cleveland Crops, Cleveland Metropolitan Schools’ and other edible education initiatives, Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Green Corp for inner city youth, and other Groundz urban farms and education partners.


About Groundz, a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to providing zero organic waste solutions, hauls food waste to urban farm and school sites for local food, improving the soil naturally, renewable energy, and edible education.

About fire food and drink, located in historic Shaker Square, is a sustainable food and Seafood Watch gourmet restaurant that sources ingredients from at least 50 farms throughout Northeast Ohio.


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