Leaves are Falling in Spring

Downtown Cleveland Alliance and Groundz, 100 cubic yards of leaves, coffee grounds
By Gregory D. Jackson, founder of Groundz


Since February, Groundz made four trips to Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA). This week we thank Helena, Rico, and Paul of Downtown Cleveland Alliance for making five trips to our urban farmer, Maggie’s Farm, on Lawn Drive at the corner of West 58th in the Historic Lorain Avenue District.

In all our trips we successfully recycled about 100 cubic yards of leaves. On a football field, that’s enough leaves to bury goal line to the 10 yard line (in the pocket) three feet high. “In the pocket” refers to the distance between the hash lines.

How do we recycle leaves?

Leaves are a critical material for mixing with food waste. Three times the amount of a leafy material is required for mixing with food waste. For example, on Thursday we recycled 230 pounds of coffee grounds from Dunkin Donuts in Parma Heights, Ohio. We do not focus on the weight – for example we did not add 690 pounds of leaves – which would have been three times (by weight), to meet the 3:1 ratio. Instead, we mix three times the amount of leaves as compared to coffee grounds.

Thirty-five pounds of coffee grounds will occupy about 1.1 cubic feet or five gallons. The leaves (and non-food waste) adds to 3 cubic feet or 15 gallon. Since 27 cubic feet equal 1 cubic yard, we filled an equivalent of three buckets for every one bucket of food waste.

These leaves came from Downtown Cleveland Public Square, DCA’s 102-block district, and Erie Cemetery.

Other purposes of the leaves at Maggie’s Farm, Historic Lorain Avenue District, will be to help build new crop rows, and potentially a new substrate for growing organic mushrooms, helping our new mushroom grower.

About Downtown Cleveland Alliance
Downtown Cleveland Alliance is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a thriving downtown. Initiatives they provide to enhance quality of life in NEO’s urban core with Clean & Safe Program, economic development assistance, marketing and special events, and leaf pickup. Downtown Cleveland Alliance is funded by Downtown Cleveland’s property owners who have jointly agreed to a special assessment to add value to existing services, and does not replace tax-funded initiatives.

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing zero organic waste services for sustainability initiatives, to benefit urban farms/local food, edible education, and renewable energy through organic waste recycling feedstock procurement. To donate to our zero organic waste non-profit organization click link below. Groundz attorney is working on creating our 501(c)3 status for tax exemption purposes and we will keep you posted on when your donations will be tax deductible.  You can donate even if you do not have a PayPal account.  Donate now!



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