Maggie’s Farm Historic Lorain Avenue District new urban farm now under construction

Using Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds, Downtown Cleveland Public Square Leaves Recycled


Maggie’s Farm, a Groundz composting farm partner, has begun construction of Historic Lorain Avenue District site at West 58th and Lorain, near Gordon Square.

Groundz construction is our active compost footprint. We are hauling and creating the proper ratio coffee grounds and leaves recycled from Downtown Cleveland Alliance our official leaf recycling partner for all leaves from downtown Cleveland and all 5 districts of their 102-block area delivered at our new community garden. We are making compost and assuring crops are not only locally grown, but also organic. This farm street front has attracted positive attention; you can see us working at West 58th and Lorain Avenue.

The local mail carrier said developers were planning on using this lot for new condominiums, friendly neighbors, and occasional passer-biers asking for a dollar for bus fare. Area residents are excited to volunteer and grow food into our soon-to-be new crop rows for community gardeners.

One of the neighbors has helped us spread mulch. One of our neighbors has a family of three children. The nine-year old loves gardening, but her front yard is too small and very shady. As we began delivering this week’s Dunkin Donuts coffee waste from Parma Heights, her mom said her daughter will be very excited to see it!

As far as the panhandler she asked what Groundz was doing. We taught her how to make compost for growing organic food. “Now I know what you’re doing, I’ll have to buy some food.”

For more information on how you can get your gardening plot, purchase locally made compost, or $2 for empty buckets, which may be used for fills of compost for future trips out to the farm contact Diane Morgan, founding farmer of Maggie’s Farm (named after her dog), we look forward to seeing you at the farm soon.



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