Groundz Recycling LLC has Officially Become a Non-Profit

groundzrecyclinglogoTurning your organic trash into tax exemption

After months of collaboration, Groundz has filed Form 532B under Ohio Revised Code §1702.05.

A couple weeks ago a manager at Dunkin Donuts told us they do not have to empty their dumpster as often. We divert 600 pounds/week from one Dunkin Donuts location, since serving we have successfully diverted 19,000 pounds of coffee grounds.

As our services began, Groundz decided to voluntarily offer organic waste recycling service, but learned others were demanding us to pickup waste as a donation, including Amish sawdust and leaves. The cost for us to pickup organic waste services from stores, cafes, restaurants, businesses, and organizations will be tax exempt.

Since we deliver all our waste at urban farms and soon schools, we decided to begin building our finished compost supplies at our farms and schools to benefit local food systems and STEM, respectively. STEM is school-related initiatives that stand for: “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.” We believe that Groundz can help inspire students to consider careers in STEM, specifically exciting careers available in organic waste recycling like organic food and local food systems, and anaerobic digestion.

However as an LLC, Groundz has not broken even nor has it generated enough income for basic operations. Many locations require cost analysis first and to add additional waste management expenses to locations we serve or those who contact us, is most often not economically feasible. Yet, we believe that our services should be sustainable, supporting a nascent industry, helping to build infrastructure, and choice for recycling-conscious businesses, organizations, agencies, and other premises.

We have begun the search for a new Intern Executive Director, to help us continue filing with Ohio Department of Taxation and the Internal Revenue Service to complete our 501(c)3 status to benefit our members, donors, and places we serve. Further, the position requires business acumen, preferred graduate student in non-profit management for college credit with potential advancement upon graduation, help oversee grant money and fundraising. This person will also be responsible for helping us build financial sustainability, present and lead board meetings, and continuously update financials.

Thank you everyone who has supported Groundz Recycling LLC as a for profit company. We are excited to enter the non-profit world, helping to collaborate with other non-profits, organizations, and businesses to significantly reduce and divert organic waste for environmental and educational needs; opportunities to help fund local food systems, bio-fuels, organic fertilizers, and faculty/student research.


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