3rd Annual Child Life Toy Drive Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital – Hillcrest

(Photo: Seven Hills, Ohio Community Recreation Center drop off location for toy donations).

Every grocery store has hundreds of boxes per week that must get broken down by 7AM. A fire code requiring all grocery stores to breakdown boxes throughout the day means that if you need free boxes, you’ll have to go up there after 11PM.

Groundz Recycling went up to a Giant Eagle after midnight to collect egg boxes for collection receptacles for the 3rd Annual Cleveland Clinic Toy Drive at Hillcrest hospital. Why boxes?

Boxes are used by our urban farmers to build new crop rows and for composting. In order to assure quality in growing local foods, farmers often lay down cardboard layered with mulch, compost, and topsoil. Urban farmers never want to dig down in formerly vacant properties, while all our farmers test their soil they are cautious to assure themselves they are providing foods for market that they would eat, too.

Raven Toney collection for toys
(Photo: Raven Toney handcrafted this toy chest for last year’s 2nd Annual Child Life Toy Drive.)

In last year’s 2nd Annual Child Life Toy Drive, the founders of Groundz Recycling (just before we became a company) arranged for Raven Toney, a dumpster-diving furniture maker, loves to re-purpose salvaged wood into beautiful furniture pieces. He’s made restaurant podiums, coffee tables, “King in Mind” chair, and other furniture upon request. We would not compost his sawdust, though, because we are not sure the source of his wood: Wood in his designs may be sourced from pressure treated wood. Please visit his shop in Ohio City called the Raven’s Nest.

The toy chests served the 2nd Annual Child Life Toy Drive very well. However, since the hospital has limited storage space; staff and volunteers have had difficult time lifting and moving them, they are being re-purposed. Groundz Recycling is in communication with Cleveland Clinic to re-purpose Raven’s three toy chests as planters on Cleveland Clinic landscape design initiatives. Both the Cities of Seven Hills, Middleburg Heights, and Cleveland Metroparks admired the craftsmanship of Raven’s toy chests that he kindly made for Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.

This year volunteers have so far made 40 handmade hats, including 10 hats for babies in NICU and maternity center. In years passed, volunteers have knitted 150+ hats. We thank the city of Seven Hills, Ohio, Cleveland Metroparks staff, and the Cleveland Indians for your generosity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Groundz Recycling!
(Photo: Seven Hills toy display at the Community Recreation Center, using Groundz re-purposed boxes).


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