Cleveland Bike Composting, Concierge Waste Hauling by Bicycle, 232 Buckets


(Photo: Groundz Recycling donating 232 buckets for Daniel Brown and Michael Robinson’s new company. They will be riding their bicycles around town to collect residents kitchen waste. Our buckets will be given to subscriber residents so they can collect their food waste).

We are excited to have donated 232 buckets and re-sealable lids to Daniel and Michael, two entrepreneurs who are fundraising to offer customers/residents a concierge hauling of food waste on bicycle. We are supplying these buckets and lids (to prevent smell) for subscribers’ kitchens as waste recycling receptacles for customers.

They also plan to offer CSA’s food delivery by bike to subscribers.

In partnership together, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, Bike Cleveland, Rust Belt Gardens, and Groundz Recycling, will establish “Cleveland Bike Composting,” which will pick up and deliver food waste from residents using a fleet of bikes, and will drop off the waste at neighborhood community gardens and Groundz urban farms to be composted. We believe their company will help drive the demand for more bicycle lanes throughout Cleveland, Ohio assisting in the mission of Bike Cleveland.

Joy Machines Bike Shop, located in Ohio City, is providing the custom-made trikes, with trailers welded by Rust Belt Welding for Dan and Michael to ride around town and haul your kitchen scraps away to a community garden and one of many of our urban farm composting sites. These trikes can haul up to 500 pounds!

A sustainable future for Cleveland begins in its neighborhoods. Residents have led the way by adopting more sustainable practices, especially with riding their bikes rather than driving cars as well as composting their food waste rather than letting that go into the waste stream. We seek to capitalize on this momentum by creating Cleveland’s very first bike composting service.Please click Cleveland Bike Composting fundraiser for more details. Buckets may also be offered in customized stenciling and decorative to match your kitchen decor. How would you decorate your food waste kitchen bucket? Comment here.


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