Join us for the 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit

Groundz Recycling poster for 5th annual Sustainability Cleveland Summit

(Photo: Our 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit’s poster.)

Groundz Recycling LLC is excited to be going to the 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit this week. When the City of Cleveland Mayor’s Office of Sustainability invited us we were thrilled! Last week we cleared 9.5 tons of recycled food waste (19,007 pounds). This morning we will head out to our all-star store, Dunkin Donuts in Parma Heights, Ohio to pickup their weekend’s waste coffee grounds probably 300+ pounds, since every Dunkin Donuts would usually throw out 200 pounds of waste coffee grounds every 30 hours.

At Maggie’s Farm we have thus far delivered 3,636 pounds of food waste. We are thankful for our friendly neighbor, Mr. Inman, retired NASA employee, who now constructs our compost bins made from re-purposed pallets for free.

At Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Buckeye Farms, the makers of salsa sold at the Garden and Heinen’s, the annual Garden’s Ripe! Fest, and weekly area farmers markets. We have thus far recycled 2,170 pounds of coffee grounds from Dunkin Donuts, Parma Heights. Groundz Recycling is pleased to assign work tasks, provide instruction, and work with 15 Green Corps. workers, employed by the Garden program to give work to inner city youth, building essential job skills, leadership, and lesson applications.

The 300+ pounds of coffee grounds picked up this morning will be delivered to Buckeye Farms, approaching 1.5 tons of recycled coffee grounds at this urban farm. We will certainly be interested to see how their salsa tastes after Green Corps. spread our finished compost among their chili pepper and tomato beds. Another organic and local treat soon available for Heinen’s customers for those who purchase Cleveland Botanical Garden’s salsa, but you are going to have to wait until our active compost pile breaks down (see photo below from last week).

(Photo: The back row contains 1 ton of recycled waste coffee grounds. We just started our 2nd row on September 24. So the back row will be ready in time for the next growing season. There may even be some leftovers for purchase at Buckeye Farms’ farmers market days. Click: Cleveland Botanical Garden’s urban farms for more details on how to get some of our compost).

To learn more about how we are composting within Ohio EPA Class II regulation exemption, the direction of “farm-to-fork”, organic landscaping, and food waste recycling for organic foods, feel free to come up to the 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit October 3 – October 4, 2013. We look forward to meeting everyone then!


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