McGregor Hub Composting its own Kitchen Scraps


(Photo: The back row is 806 pounds of successfully recycled coffee grounds from Dunkin Donuts; it’s already to be spread to grow the next season of local and organic food. The front row is 278 pounds of McGregor House’s own kitchen scraps, recycling, and being composted right onsite).

At our McGregor composting hub. You are looking at 1,084 pounds of recycled food waste, including 806 pounds of coffee grounds, and 278 pounds of kitchen scraps right from McGregor’s own kitchen. Total hauling distance = 0.1 miles. The back row (in Photo) is already for use, all 806 pounds of coffee grounds have broken down. At McGregor, we also have a unique relationship with Davey Tree, who brings by chipped landscaping waste, which we mix with food waste.

At McGregor, we have learned that many facilities with land can compost their own kitchen scraps. This sets a new trend for local trash hauling initiatives that reduce the UN’s “foodprint” initiative by lowering distances required to haul waste. This includes Cuyahoga County’s currently handling of all waste: It must be shipped completely out of the county.

You have heard the saying: “Buy Local, eat local.” Well, we are taking the last step: “Local trash, grow oranically local food.”


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