Youth Opportunities Unlimited and GroundZ composts 718 pounds of Coffee Grounds



We enjoyed working with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) of Cleveland at Maggie’s Farm hub. They helped us recycle 718 pounds of coffee grounds filling up 2 compost bins, each at 16 square feet. Four youth helped us move, dig, and mix material properly to incorporate the food scraps to properly breakdown.

“I hope you don’t get mad at us,” one of the youth asked. “But we decided to start spreading some of your compost in our crop rows.”

In our 3-day composting workshop with Y.O.U. youth, the students learned how to:
1. Add proper Carbon-to-Nitrogen ratios simply by using existing measuring techniques readily available for us.
2. Mix compost material to assure between 40-60 percent air in Maggie’s Farm active compost piles.
3. A brief overview on the value of recycling food scraps and other organic residuals.
4. Provided 16 hours of meaningful job skills for youth.
5. And ways to minimize (or eliminate the perception that rotting food attracts pests). In our work on compost we do not have pest problems.
6. Prepared 3 cubic yards of high quality compost.
7. And created an experimental compost pile involving compostable cups and lids; they learned how challenging it was to incorporate the cups and lids into the chipped wood, Alpaca poop, and coffee grounds. We will do a follow up soil test on the results and help us determine if compostable cups and lids produce safe compost for food crops.

We thank our youth for their hard work this summer and wish them a fun and safe summer, and good luck in the new school year.

Any business, city, school, private residents, Parks, and/or organizations can become a GroundZ Hub. Learn more about how you can help be a part of Northeast Ohio’s largest food waste recycling collaborative. GroundZ Hub information.


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