Y.O.U. and Groundz Recycling Compost Together

Y.O.U.  and Groundz Recycling Compost Together

Y.O.U. Youth Opportunities Unlimited’s summer jobs program for youth came out to our Maggie’s Farm hub to help us mix coffee grounds from one of our Dunkin Donuts. We had them mix coffee grounds and espresso waste in the following steps.

1. They opened lids and dumped coffee grounds into Maggie’s Farm 3rd compost bin.
2. The wood pile (donated by Dean’s Tree Service, a local tree triming company) were added. We used the buckets as our measuring tools to assure quality mixing ratios. For every 1 bucket of coffee grounds, we added 3 buckets of wood chips.

One of our workers (in photo) got stung by something. Everyone believed it to be a wasp. So he went to the farmer’s wash station. And returned to finish the digging, scooping, and mixing of our active compost piles… What a trooper!

3. Maggie’s Farm hub also has Alpaca poop. So the final material we added was Alpaca poop (our ratio here is a secret).

4. We gave the pile a good mix. We also mixed the other two compost bins.

Y.O.U. will be with us two more times before there summer jobs program comes to an end. We are expecting to successfully divert at least 525 pounds of coffee grounds and espresso from landfill, just with the hardwork, sweat, and dedication of our Y.O.U. workers.


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