City of Euclid, Ohio Memorial Park Community Garden New Hub


We are excited to announce that Groundz Recycling is now working with the City of Euclid, Ohio as a hub.

We will soon be serving City of Euclid businesses to recycle their food scraps for their Memorial Park and gardens. We will be helping the City of Euclid’s Memorial Park Community Garden by offering city residents who our community gardeners an opportunity for premium memberships to use compost made locally.

The gardeners of Euclid recently had to move all their garden plots next to the tennis court making way for the new basketball courts. Please contact Lori Zupancic, garden leader, at 216 374-7499 or Laura Elersich, assistant garden leader: 440 954-2340 or email at if you are interested in learning more about how you can become a community gardener, or information on how you can get some quality compost. We look forward to working with the City of Euclid, helping them to achieve sustainable and organically grown food and flowers, from the ground up.

Click: What Does it Mean to Be a Groundz Hub? For more information on how your organization, city, farm, business, or residence can become a Groundz Hub. Contact Greg Jackson at for more information or to set up a meeting for further details. Thank you!


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