Re-Purposed 5 Gallon Pickle Buckets for Drink Local. Drink Tap.

Drink Local Drink Tap graphic

We met with Drink Local. Drink Tap. an organization dedicated to connecting people with local water in Cleveland and around the world.

Since April (2013) we have re-purposed 570 pickle buckets from Melt Bar and Grilled. We donated 20 buckets to help Drink Local. Drink Tap. with their monthly beach cleanups at Edgewater Park. These buckets will be used to collect waste from the beach; they have been cleaning up Edgewater Beach since 2010. If your organization or business would like to sponsor a beach cleanup please contact Erin Huber, executive director of Drink Local. Drink Tap at or to be a volunteer in a beach cleanup contact Babette Oestreicher, DLDT volunteer beach Clean up manager at

We look forward to re-purposing hundreds/thousands more pickle buckets with Melt Bar and Grilled and learn more about how Drink Local. Drink Tap. Lake Erie beach cleanups improve our local drinking and swimming water. Groundz Recycling uses these buckets as recycling receptacles at our store locations, to collect food scraps. We also use these buckets as packaging for customers, it keeps the soil aerated and not compact. If your store is interested in re-purposing pickle buckets, contact us! Contact Greg Jackson, COO and founder of Groundz Recycling at for more details; we would love to set up a routine pickup.

And we hope to see you at the beach!


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