McGregor House Hub Ground Breaking

We are pleased with our new compost site on the gardens and grounds of McGregor House. Residents here are encouraged to grow their own tomatoes and McGregor kitchen chefs routinely use ingredients grown from their 32-acre private estate overlooking Lake Erie. We are nearly finished constructing two more, 100 hundred square foot areas, to follow Ohio EPA Class II exemption.

Near our new composting area are 3 nest box sites of honeybees near the community gardeners plots, sponsored by Ohio State University Extension.

Residents at McGregor hand painted these honeybee boxes. We may suggest residents paint cinder blocks as a decorative border for our compost kiosks.


McGregor, supporting seniors since 1877, was established to honor Ambrose McGregor and become one of Cleveland’s first private rest homes. Now they serve the care for seniors and care facility to engage them in arts (like their honeybee boxes above) and growing their own food right along the pathways, gardens, and courtyards of McGregor.

For more information contact Mary Beth Cappell-Bovee, horticultural therapist at 216-851-8200 Extension 2040 or on more information how McGregor uses “farm-to-fork” type programs to engage residents and chefs to prepare healhty and tasty foods, or how you can get some of our rich compost. Feel free to contact us if your restaurant, cafe, or store would like to recycle your food scraps. NOTE: We cannot recycle meats or dairies, please consider donating your meats or dairies to a local Church food pantry or Cleveland Food Bank.

McGregor House
14900 Private Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44112
(216) 851-8200


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