FAQ’S on Becoming a Groundz Hub Member


1. Is Groundz Recycling the place where compost gets delivered?
Answer: Groundz Recycling is not the place where compost gets delivered. We deliver food scraps to our hubs, where we are responsible for mixing a proper ratio of Carbon to Nitrogen and calcium feedstocks.

2. Can I use Groundz delivered compost?
Answer: No, not yet. We deliver food scraps, we DO NOT deliver meats or dairies for bacterial reasons (accept for our anaerobic digestion hubs that require organic residuals for biomass power plants. We only accept meat for our anaerobic digestion hubs, without bones. Dairy wastes are also good for our anaerobic digestion hubs).

3. Is there a cost to become a hub?
Answer: To be a hub is free. We only ask to profit share with you at 50-50 revenue. Please see 50-50 profit sharing discussion below, which is found in section 6(a).

4. What about the Ohio EPA Class II Operator sized hub, would I have to pay anything for this size operation?
Answer: Yes. Operating as an Ohio EPA Class II Operator operates at larger volumes, which are beyond the 300 square foot exemption. Most hubs do not start off as an EPA Class II operator, some will not require nor would it be necessary for some of our hubs. The prices to operate a Class II Composting Facility Rquirements (PDF) list daily maximums. For example, if your hub is receiving 12 tons/day of food scraps from Groundz Recycling LLC. then the annual license fee is $300, which goes to Ohio EPA. Keep in mind at these volumes (about 12 cubic yards/day) would also generate additional revenue for your organization or company. The Authorized Maximum Daily Waste Receipt (or AMDWR) chart can be found at the above PDF document. We are responsible for all EPA documentation, data, and AMDWR values so you do not have to worry about it. This service cost $5,000 per year plus Ohio EPA annual license fee based on AMDWR (Tons) (PDF).

5. What are the benefits to be a Groundz Hub Member?
Answer: You get unlimited use of our finished compost product. As a free hub you can spread 50% of our compost and are required to sell the other 50%. As a free hub or Groundz Hub Member you can sell all of the compost, but at any time you sell compost we divide revenue with you by 50%, which means your organization, farm, or business gets the other 50% in revenue sales.

6(a). Okay, so now I know it’s free to be a hub, as long as I’m composting an area no larger than 300 square feet?
Answer: You are correct to say it’s free to be a hub at 300 square feet and you just want to share in the compost revenue with us (50% split). The cost to be a Groundz Hub Member is based on the amount of cubic yards of finished compost. Keep in mind you can still be a hub for free, and you can either remain a hub or become a Groundz Hub Member later on. As a free hub partner you will have inventory of the best soil/compost around that can spread 50% of the compost for free at your farm or landscaping, gardens, or ecosystem restoration. As a free hub the finished compost is distributed in a 50-50 share in the revenue of 50%. We provide free buckets to fill compost in to help you sell the product and we can collaborate on packaging. During compost sales you may receive buckets from our other hubs, customers who purchased a compost bucket at one of our other hubs and purchase a refill from your hub.

6(b). Do you offer a paying type of Groundz Hub Member?
Answer: Yes. If your city, organization, farm, or business wants unlimited use of our finished compost without the 50-50 revenue split rule, we offer memberships. We begin all hubs at 300 square feet, the Ohio EPA Class II exemption status. Volumes and store locations vary, but the cost should not. Groundz Hub Members cost $28/month for unlimited use of our compost.

7. If you’re an anaerobic digestion power company, you can still be a hub. We deliver organic residuals feedstock for free. Same Groundz Hub Membership prices apply, plus a 50% split of our contribution per Kilowatt hour. We also partner with you to help you sell your liquid fertilizer, the waste result of your biomass power plant facility. Our organic farming and landscaping partners is growing every week. Our Groundz Hubs, Groundz Hub Members, and service locations all believe in sustainable and organic landscaping practices. If you became a hub (which is free for us to deliver organic residuals), we would split 25% of liquid fertilizer sales with you. We also occasionally receive special requests – large volumes of organic residuals at certain locations – and we will notify you of this request for your pickup opportunity. We do charge a “finders fee” of 20% or we do offer Groundz Anaerobic Digestion Memberships for complete access to our exclusive listing of locations demanding large volume pickups. To be a Groundz Anaerobic Digestion Member cost $500/year.

8. Do you guys recycle yard waste? What else can you guys recycle?
Answer: Yes. We love leaves! We also love sawdust from untreated wood, only. Other yard waste we recycle: mulch, chipped Christmas trees, all chipped shrub and tree species. We can also recycle shredded cardboard (no waxed cardboard), vegetable stalks, peat moss, fruit waste, beer wastes, straw, weeds that HAVE NOT gone to seed, bark, potting soil, and seaweed. If you are a landscaper or farmer feel free to connect with us on how we can recycle your landscaping, lawn and garden waste.

9. Does Groundz offer other types of memberships other than hubs? Since many of your hubs use compost directly to grow organic foods, what about restaurants, cafes, and retail who would like to connect with your hub partners and have unrestricted participation in the “farm-to-fork” local, and sustainable foods movement?
Answer: We do offer the Retail Groundz Hub Member, types of membership are listed below.

A) Leader. $1,000+/year is an Institutional Member
B) Sustainable professional or Foodie. $500/year based on your revenue of $2,000,000 or more
C) Farm-to-Fork. $250/year based on your revenue of $1,000,000 to $1,999,999
D) Composter. $125/year based on your revenue of $250,000 to $999,999.
E) Individual Member. $75/year.

Benefits. Joining a community of culinary and composting professionals who believe in sustainable landscaping, local and organic foods, and helping to encourage the diverting of thousands of tons of organic waste from landfills. Even if you become a member for one year, you will continue to receive “Common Groundz” limited version of our publication. As a Retail Groundz Hub Member you will have opportunities to post your organizations sustainable news updates and search our Retail Groundz Hub member listings. Your organization or business can add as many of your staff members as you want.

Click on the “About” tab for contact information. Thank you.

What Does it Mean to Be A Groundz Hub?


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