Farm Fair by Fresh Fork Market Recap


Urban Community School.  April 27, 2013 Fresh Fork had their first annual Farm Fair Day where 462 attended urban gardening classes and 450 were inspired to complete garden projects.  We recycled apple cores from the event and we sold our very first batch of topsoil.  We loved answering questions about composting, our most common question asked:  What to do with slimy and slugs in my compost pile?

If you’re pile is slimy chances are you have too much “green” material.  Green material is things like coffee grounds, food scraps, fresh grass clippings, apple cores.  Your pile is in desperate need of “brown” material.  Brown material is dry things like sawdust (from wood not treated or pressurized), coffee filters, leaves, hay/straw, dried grass clippings, and even fine mulch.  Mix the brown material into your slimy compost pile and your good to go.  As a general rule for starters, add equal parts brown to equal parts green, as you learn more about consistency you’ll eventually want a little more brown than green, like 1.5 to 1 (like 1.5 shovel fulls of leaves to one shovel full of food scraps from your kitchen).


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